Hey, I’m Ethan Smith

All my life, I have loved problem-solving. Only when I started college at Auburn University did I realize that it wasn’t math and science problems I enjoyed solving, but design problems. After my brief stint in Civil Engineering, I switched to Graphic Design and never looked back. I am now a junior in the program, and I have grown a deep passion for things that I didn’t even realize existed when I was in high school. The conceptual, almost subliminal, aspects of design are incredibly intriguing, and I always find it amazing how such slight changes can alter the experience of a design entirely. Coming from a childhood of constantly building models and woodworking with my grandfather and father, I love the physical, 3D aspects of design. I have always been very particular about my craftsmanship when it comes to working with my hands, and those skills have carried over to design, allowing me to create clean and consistent lines within my 3D and foundation design work, as well as other art forms like ceramics and printmaking. I believe that, in order to truly solve a problem, the research phase of the design is most important, and reveals the real issues that need to be addressed. Within the rest of my education and into my professional career, I hope to continue to expand my skillset and learn how to solve problems in any medium and any form of design.

copyright @ 2021 Ethan Smith