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Highscore Bar + Arcade takes a step back from modern arcades and embraces the retro, nostalgic, and comfortable feel of the arcades of the past. Highscore is a friendly and relaxing bar, serving as a hub for video game enthusiasts of all ages and genders. With a simple, yet attention grabbing, color palette and pixelated design style, Highscore is a connection between the old and the new, housing class arcade games like Pacman and Galaga, alongside modern video games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers, all while serving delicious food and drinks.

Highscore Bar + Arcade was my capstone project at Auburn University, and it is the most I've worked on any single project. Everything below is a result of a semester's worth of work, all stemming from an idea I had with my coworkers during a lunch break about 3 years ago.

Above is the main identity for Highscore. With a primary logo and secondary logo, the branding options are diverse, ready to be implementing on any medium or size. Accompanying the logo, Highscore also has a set of pixel art icons that are easily distinguishable and used throughout all of the collateral, merchandise, art, and website.

Above are the menus for Highscore. Simple and easy to navigate, these menus would be one of the first physical pieces of collateral that you would come into contact with when dining at Highscore.

Above are the coaster designs for Highscore. There are 6 coasters total, with the logo branded side being on the back of every single coaster.

Above are the designs for the loyalty/business cards. These cards would be given to customers after their first purchase, serving both as an easy way to contact Highscore, as well as encouraging the customer to return in order to receive a free entree once they fill all of the hearts.

Here is a collection of photos showing off the physical menus, coasters, and cards.
(photos taken with the help of my buddy Mason Williams, check him out here)

Above are the napkin designs, using a pattern based off of the secondary logo of Highscore.

In addition to its bright colors and fun pixel art, Highscore also has a collection of murals and wall art throughout the establishment. Above is the primary outdoor mural, using the pixel art to recreate a frame of gameplay from the classic arcade game Galaga.

Above are a couple more examples of the use of murals and painted brick throughout Highscore.

Here is another collection of photos, this time showing off the hoodies and t-shirts that would be available for purchase from Highscore, in the building and on the website, along with the sizing and pricing tag for these items.

Above are the hat designs for Highscore, sporting a health meter on the front and the secondary logo on the back.

Above are the designs for the bottle openers and commemorative coins from Highscore, which would also be available to purchase in store or online, along with all of the apparel.

To make sure that the customers stay updated, there are a collection of instagram posts giving details on upcoming specials and events. With some posts giving details on weekly events, some giving details on daily specials, and some just displaying imagery and photography from Highscore, followers are able to expect whats happening in the upcoming days.

Here are some examples of what Highscore's instagram page would look like.

For those who may not have instagram, there are also email designs showing off the same information as the instagram graphics, to make sure that everyone can stay up to date on Highscore's events.

Above is a video showing off the design and interactions of the desktop website for Highscore. With a home page that houses menus and specials, and games page that houses a full list of available games to play, a shop page where you can purchase all of the merchandise and apparel, and an about page, this website has everything you would need when trying to learn about Highscore Bar + Arcade.

To make sure you always have access to Highscore, the website is responsive across all devices. Here is what it looks like on mobile.

This project was a challenge for me, but it was very fun and extremely rewarding in the end. To be able to explore all of my own ideas and completely build something like this from the ground up was a bit daunting at first, but I'm happy with the result and it was a great way to finish off my college career.

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