This is a collection of work from a Digital Advertising class where I chose Anker as my client for all 3 projects. The first project was to create a set of banner ads and a rich media animation to go along with the banner ads. The second project was to create an email advertisement and a landing page to go along with that email. The third project was to design a social media advertisement, a microsite, and a guerrilla tactic. I chose to keep the same client, Anker, for all of these projects in order to create a cohesive set of advertisements.

Here are the 4 frames of the banner ad that I designed. Since I chose Anker, a company well known for it’s portable phone chargers, I wanted to have a simple ad that could target nearly anyone with a smart phone. By showing a scenario where someone misses the opportunity to take a gorgeous photo because their phone battery died, I am providing the viewer with a reason to by the product, which is an Anker portable power bank.

Here is a rich media example for the banner ad, showing how it could be used as a screen takeover.

The second project was to create an email and an accompanying landing page. Although I kept Anker as my client, I chose a different product to advertise: a portable rechargeble generator. Above is the email design, and below is the landing page design that the email would direct you too. This advertisement is meant to target the viewers preperation instinct with the images of natural disasters, CPAP machines, and camping scenes. The intention is that the reciever of this email will identify with one of those things, and follow the link.

For the third project, we were tasked with designing a social media post, a microsite, and a geurrilla tactic for a client and product of our choice. Once again, I chose Anker as my client, and I chose their new Anker Nano USB-C phone charger as my product to advertise. I chose this product because Apple had just begun shipping their new iPhones without a charging brick in the box. Anker had started heavily advertising this phone charger for that reason, but I personally thought that their advertising strategy wasn’t working great, so I wanted to design my own.

For the social media post, I chose to make a 2-page instagram post. The first page shows a new iPhone 12 with its charging cable connected to no charging brick. By sliding to the right, the viewer sees the Anker Nano charging brick pop up with the tag line “We’ve got you covered.”

For the Microsite design, I created a page on Anker’s website that shows a list of random things you could in the time you saved by using the 20watt Anker Nano instead of the classic 5watt Apple charging brick. The other half of the microsite is connected to my Geurrilla Tactic below, which is a public Anker charging station that would be planted in airports across the U.S. The microsite shows various stats associated the charging stations, such as how many phones have been charged or time spent at charging stations.

Overall, this collection of projects was very fun and challenging. I enjoyed being able to make a large set of advertisements for one company while still being able to target multiple different audiences throughout each project.

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