Daybreak Cereal

Daybreak is breakfast cereal company that is based in St. Louis, Missouri. By packing their cereal in unique, recognizable milk carton shaped boxes, the Daybreak brand is easily identifiable, as well as making the cereal easier to pour and re-seal. Due to the emergence of Covid-19 as I began this project, I switched from printing and building these boxes to digital packaging, and using 3D models and renders, which was a first for me.

Here are all 4 sides of the box design. I wanted to have a large version of the logo wrapped around the front of the box to make it eye-catching on the shelves.

Here you can see the details of the maze design on the back of the boxes, and also the smaller, single-serving box design.

Here is my final logo for the brand. I wanted the logo to emphasize the qualities of the brand, so I incorporated a rising sun and bowl.


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