Danger Press
Website Redesign

Danger Press is a screen printing company in Atlanta, Georgia. For this project, I created an unsolicited redesign of their entire website with the main focus of removing clutter and improving navigation for the user. This project was my first deep dive into UI/UX design, and my research helped me to understand what users expect out of a websites navigation. Keep scrolling to the bottom to see the full videos of both the mobile and desktop redesigns.

I kept the same logos that Danger Press originally used, using the primary logo on my desktop nav bar and the secondary logo on my mobile nav bar. I condensed the original, confusing navigation into 5 main sections, and created groups of subsections that made more sense for the users.

Being able to step back and conduct user testing in order to create a more efficient navigation was a fun challenge. I enjoyed being able to come at this project not only with the intention of making the website look better, but perform better and be easier for the user.


Einstein's Dreams
Book Cover

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