Throughout all of my projects, I’ve had the opportunity to create a handful of logos. Quickly, I have realized that logo design is one of my favorite ways to quickly tell a story about the product, showing the viewer the true voice of the company with one simple mark. Here is a collection of my favorite and most effective logos from the past couple of years.

Highscore is a fictional Bar + Arcade located in Nashville, TN that takes a step back from modern arcades and embraces the retro, nostalgic, and comfortable feel of the arcades of the past. This logo captures the 8-bit design of classic arcade games and pairs with the fun, bright primary colors in order to bring a new look to barcades.

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This is a personal logo for one of my close friends to use for his gaming and streaming channel. His channel name, MajinMitch, is displayed in this logo through the two reflected M’s. Majin, meaning devil in japanese, inspired the horns and the overall head/helmet shape.

ReBoot, a fictional company that produces leather shoe/boot repair kits, is best described as rugged, durable, and adventurous. This logo is meant to represent those ideals with its rough-edged type and simple mark, portraying an infinite loop in a boot print.

Daybreak is fictional breakfast cereal company that is based in St. Louis, Missouri. This logo for Daybreak cereal is meant to signify the sun rising over the horizon, with the horizon being a bowl for cereal. Using natural colors, this logo is supposed to evoke feelings of energy, activity, and nutrition.

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BarMade is a fictional mixed drink company that produces specialized ingredient kits for all of the most popular cocktails. This simple stylized design of a jigger, one of the most important tools for a bartender, keeps the look of the brand clean and classy.

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